Well that was a close call…every seasoned firefighter has a close


Well that was a close call…Every seasoned Firefighter has a close call…After reviewing Firefighternearmiss.com, (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. it is obvious there are several times across our nation firefighters have faced a close call. Review the different type of close calls firefighters have recently posted. “Click Browse Reports” Select a few different close calls and reflect on preventative measures you as a firefighter could implement to prevent a similar incident in your fire department (or future fire department). What preventative measures can you implement in your fire department to prevent a similar close call from happening in your organization (or future organization)?

Each shift is a ROUND TRIP…meaning you go to work and go back home to your family. While firefighting is inherently dangerous, we can take preventative measures to provide for safe operations. The discussion should help gauge risk vs reward, preventative measures and understanding of the fire ground

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