Week 3 disscusion | JGR 200 The Power of People | Strayer University


Please complete the following:

Coach knows that picking the right players to work together can  transform a football or racing team into champions. Finding the right  players for your OWN team can help you reach success! However,  how do you go about finding and selecting these crucial players, and how  do you decide what roles they should play? This week, Coach shares his  tips for scouting new talent for ANY team, plus the tools he uses to  evaluate a team member’s potential. Imagine you’re looking for new team  members to join your team (this could be a work, volunteer, or religious  organization). After reviewing Coach’s tips for hiring the best players  for your team, which ones would you use to help find the right  candidates? Why?

Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.

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