Week 2 | ACC 577 Comprehensive Financial Accounting | Strayer University


  • Explain the entity theory and parent company theories of consolidations.
  • Identify one drawback of each method.
  • Suggest to management a strategy to overcome each drawback.
    • Be sure to provide a rationale for your suggestion.



Consolidated financial statement theories

what is entity theory?

Consolidated financial statements created using the entity /contemporary theory approach:

  1. combines in totality the entity created by the parent company and the subsidiary.
  2. give value to various groups including the parent company shareholders, non-controlling shareholders of the subsidiary, and creditors.
  3. net income includes total net income of both parent and subsidiary, whereby, controlling, and non-controlling share of subsidiary net income are distributed thus.
  4. total unrealized gain or loss is eliminated.

One drawback: when the parent can exert total control over the subsidiary, the shares held by non-controlling stockholders is insignificant with regards to equity ownersh

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