Visitation agreement | Law homework help

Choose a state that begins with the same letter as the initial for your first or last name, or in which you have special interest due to personal connections.  Then, research any case law, administrative rules or regulations, and/or executive orders regarding how parents are to handle child custody and visitation agreements in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Does your chosen state have any such laws “on the books” at this time?  If so, what are they?  Compare your findings with your chosen state with the current situation in Virginia, and share similarities and differences. 

Have you considered the impact of quarantine, social distancing, masks, and contamination on child custody/visitation/co-parenting matters before?  Should a parent with physical custody of children deny court-ordered visitation time to a parent who refuses to follow CDC guidelines to protect themselves or their children?  What factors must such a parent consider in making that a decision?  How might one best co-parent in such a situation?  Cite at least two (2) sources outside of the textbook, including at least one primary source of law for the state you researched.

200 words

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