Unv-104 module 3 expository essay: outline

UNV-104 Module 3 Expository Essay: Outline

21st Century Skills; Communication and Information Literacy – Literacy Strategies

Grand Canyon University


So far, you’ve chosen a topic, developed a thesis statement, and located a resource for your Expository Essay. Begin developing your essay by creating an outline using the topic and thesis statement from your Pre-Writing Worksheet.


 1  Access and use the “The Five Paragraph Essay Outline Formatting Guide”

        as  a guide to help you structure your outline.

 2  Access the blank template “Five Paragraph Essay Outline” to use to        

     create your outline.

 3  Review the media piece The Writing Process to help you create your essay     outline.

  4  Incorporate any feedback you received on your Pre-Writing Worksheet into developing          your outline.

   5  Submit the completed outline to your instructor by the end of Topic 3.


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