Ppt presentation | Social Science homework help

Topic is “wrongful and heavy sentencing in criminal justice”

Research: use at least 4 sources (I provided 2 below that i selected, please use them)



Content: Create a PowerPoint presentation that contains between 12 to 18 slides

  • Title Slide (1 slide) – includes your name and the presentation title
  • Introduction Slide (1 slide) – should be something catchy and explain why this issue is important
  • Body/Content Slides (8-14 slides) – must be interesting, well organized, and presented clearly. Slides should contain full sentences/paragraphs.
  • Summary Slide (1 slide) – may also include a way for others to get involved, help, or get more information.
  • Reference Slide (1 slide) – must be in APA style and be a minimum of 3 resources. When including hyperlinks in the reference list, they must be hyperlinked. (Milestone 4)

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