Philosophy w3 reflection | Philosophy homework help

 3 pages. Link to textbook included below and pages and topics included below

1. Overview: In your own words, explain what you learned this week from the textbook readings or from the course assignments (discussion, reading journals, etc.). If someone asked you what you studied this week, what could you tell that person? 

2. Vocabulary: List and define at least five terms that you did not know or fully understand before reading this chapter and reviewing the content. Which of those are still unclear to you? Bullet points or a numbered list is fine for this section.

3. Philosophers: Identify philosopher or theory from this week’s material that you think is particularly interesting and tell why.

4. Reflection: Is there anything you read or learned this week that has made you rethink your ideas or views on an issue? Did you have conversations about the material with friends or family members?

5. Clarification: Is there any concept that just does not make sense to you or that needs clarification?

 Words of Wisdom: Intro to Philosophy | OER Commons 

 section 7. Augustine of Hippo: “On the Nature of Good”

10. Aquinas: Summa Theologicae

54. Watch Kwame Anthony Appiah, from TedTalks

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