Now that the semester is about to end…

Two more final examinations and one research paper to go and my first semester in UP Open University will officially end. I never thought that time flies this fast that I am only a few days away in completing my first semester in UP Open University. Everything seems to be good.. but! The end of the semester is a rough time which brings thousands of assignments and projects to complete. I am all good but this only one essay. What should I do? I have literary no time to finish it. Which is why I will be looking for someone who will write my paper . It seems like the only way out, otherwise I’ll be out of college which doesn’t work for me at all. Now, sorry for whining that much. Let’s get back to my story on how good it is to get rid of studies for some time.

Last Saturday, September 27, 2008 I took my final examination in Communication Skills I and Kasanayan sa Komunikasyon I. I will admit that upon seeing the test paper, I was alienated because the examination is composed of essay type questions. You are required to write essays to answer a single question. Take note that the questions aren’t like, “write about your life in 10 sentences or so”. Way back in high school, we are usually given multiple-choice type of questions. And writing a good essay under time pressure isn’t an easy task. Also take note that during the examination, we all felt an earthquake and everyone was in panic. I actually thought that we are going to evacuate the room. But I thank the high heavens because I was able to finish answering the two examinations on time. Although I almost ran out of paper for my COMM1 examination because we were tasked to write so many things and I forgot to bring a spare bluebook.

Next week, I shall take the final examinations in Natural Science 1 (Chemistry and Physics) and Computer Education 1. I am really worried about the final examinations in Natural Science 1. I can’t imagine how will I review for that course because our course manual is very abbreviated especially in explaining how you arrived at this answer and that. I hope the high heavens would guide me in this one.

A lot of people are asking me how to cross-register to UP Diliman for Physical Education courses, I hope that this entry I posted a few months ago can help you.

I am quite worried about the courses I want to take up for the second semester. I am planning to take up COMM2, COMPED2, NATSCI2, MATH1, HIST1 and another PE course at UP Diliman. COMM2 and COMPED2 have prerequisite subjects that I took this first semester. What I am worried about is that the final grades of my first semester subjects are not yet released. I don’t know if I can already enroll in COMM2 and COMPED2 without knowing whether I passed COMM1 and COMPED1 or not. I already e-mailed my program adviser and learning center coordinator regarding this matter. I am hoping for their replies as soon as possible.

Good luck!

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