Network defense and countermeasures on property management systems | CFI4479 Network Defense and Countermeasures


Final Paper Class of Network Defense and Countermeasures

Read this article:

Answer these questions:

1.  What is a Property Management Systems (PMS) system?

2.  Use a case study about a hotel chain?

3.  What  components of a Property Management Systems (PMS) system should be patched first? Why?

Paper formatting:

No cover page or running header is needed (in fact, the running header requirement is eliminated in APA V7). Watch out plagiarism on content. 

5 pages double spaced. You should be able to easily fill these pages with a well-written findings document. Use double spacing, Times New Roman 12 pitch font.

You will include an introduction and/or conclusion but do not inflate your word count by padding those sections excessively.

You need (5) references included website URL example ( ), sources from a journal or case study or white paper no more than 3 years old and at the end of the paper and cited appropriately in the body of the paper. You may include more if you want. 

Need this by 3:00pm EST on December 16, 2021 

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