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 Research the prevalence, risk factors, and treatments for heart disease. Then assess your heart health by taking the American Heart Association’s “My Heart Score” at My Life Check (Links to an external site.) (image below shows you what to look for on website) Company Code AHA022–lifes-simple-7

  • Use at least 3 sources such as:
  • Write at least a two-page paper addressing the following:
    • A brief description of heart disease
    • Normal and abnormal lipid values for total cholesterol, HDL, TRIG, and LDL as defined on the
    • AHA website and explain why each of them is important. Please/compare contrast numbers provided in class from the book with AHA.
    • Discuss risk factors and preventative measures for developing heart disease-Discuss nutrition recommendations to help control heart disease as outlined in the TLC diet
    • Provide a 1-day menu plan using AHA guidelines
    • Make sure to include a good introduction and conclusion.
    • Include a good and detailed nutrition component.
    • Summarize your personal heart disease assessment and recommendations,
    • Make sure to use appropriate documentation using APA format.

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