For prof topgrade only assignment 3

Complete a research assignment on counterterrorism strategies. View this assignment as if he or she would be preparing it for an official government stance/position or suggested course of action for an executive level decision-maker. Counterterrorism measures should include micro and macro initiatives as well as short term and long-range strategic efforts. These strategies should consider the many disciplines involved in counterterrorism activities. Since there are many types of terrorist groups both foreign and domestic, focus on a particular type group and create their strategies around that group. Briefly discuss the group. Discuss the current threat this group poses. Offer a comprehensive list of strategies and will explain their rationale for each strategy. Briefly identify the lead stakeholders for each strategy. Write a minimum of 7-full pages research-oriented in APA format. The assignment must include at least 7 sources (which should include the class textbooks and readings). 

( <– Use the book as one of the references.

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