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White collar crimes are generally crimes committed in a business/banking type manner. Crimes where you can wear a white shirt and tie, and not get dirty. Something you won’t get wrinkled, bloody, dusty, greasy, etc. doing. Nonviolent – for profit – economic gain – no person to person injury. Take a look at the statutes below for the four major flavors of these crimes:

13VSA2001 False Personation – pretending to be someone else to get money/goods/other
13VSA2002 False Pretense –  using lies and deceit to get money/goods/value
13VSA1801 Forgery – making false documents/signatures to get money/goods/value
13VSA2531 Embezzlement – redirecting company money to personal gain

Your Assignment:

Take these four statutes, and give me four examples of how you yourself or any other common person, could commit these crimes. I’ll give you a hint – most of them involve you going into a bank, but without a ski mask or gun. These crimes are all about who you are or want to be or say you are, how good your penmanship is, and how much you mind lying to other people for personal gain.

Get a little creative (and it really isn’t that creative) and show me you can translate these statutes into action.

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